Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Eight Hair Style

Women change the hair style is not just for fashion reasons, practicality, or seek a new atmosphere. Many are also deliberately replace with a new style of haircut to look more attractive in the eyes of men. In order not mistaken, the following eight female hair style most favored by many men.

There are 8 hair styles like by men:

  1. Horsetail; back ponytail hairstyle
  2. Side ponytail, a style to cover the shortfall that is not symmetrical face
  3. Random break off, hair bun behind the head to look more tidy. Come off like a man isallowed to improvise with a few strands of hairthat hung down.
  4. Sasak bangs, keeps the attention focused on the face. Memorable hairstyle like this wild,glamorous and seductive.
  5. Piksi, a woman with a hairdo that confident.
  6. Segi, to beautify the eyes and cheekbones, was first popularized by Jenifer Aneston. Mustblow dry your hair every day that ends not fall apart.
  7. Long straight and healthy hair this model's hair must be healthy and fertile.
  8. Smooth and shiny, like the male hair smooth and shiny, so he wanted to caress.

The picture example of the above model as follows:

Side Ponitail
Random Break
Sasak Bangs
Long Straight
Smooth and Shiny

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